Charity Gift Guide

Gift-giving at Christmas time has different connotations in many different places and cultures, but giving in general means thinking about others and placing their needs before your own. So, in the spirit of giving, here are some things you can give to those in need. These charity donations come with Christmas cards that you can personalise, so you can gift someone you know with a donation made on their behalf.

Keep reading to find out how to save the world from unwanted gifts.

These 5 charity gifts that won’t break the bank, but might just change someone’s life:

Give the gift of chickens through oxfam unwrapped for £10. The chickens are vaccinated and come with training on how to keep them in order to provide a constant supply of eggs to a family in need.

Donating this water filter through save the children will provide safe drinking water for children in areas where water sources can be contaminated.

Mosquito nets are cheap and can be life-saving by preventing the spread of Malaria. For £7Oxfam unwrapped will donate a mosquito net and instructions on how to use to someone in need.

Textbooks are expensive and their lack can be a barrier to learning. For £12 you can give textbooks to children who need them through save the children.

If you’re an animal-lover, you can adopt a snow-leopard through WWF for as little as £3 a month. These beautiful animals are endangered and your donation can help protect them through programmes that train anti-poaching patrols, monitor animal numbers and promote the sustainable use of natural resources in their habitat.

haven’t had enough? Here’s some more gift ideas:

oxfam unwrapped

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save the children